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I recently had the opportunity to participate in an AWS Community Day at the Faculty of IT, University of Moratuwa. This event proved to be an excellent learning experience, providing valuable insights into the world of Amazon Web Services (AWS). The session covered various topics related to AWS, with a particular focus on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).


During the AWS Community Day, one of the highlights was the Amazon SageMaker demo. SageMaker is an AWS service that facilitates the development, training, and deployment of ML models. Intrigued by its capabilities, I decided to explore SageMaker further.

I created a notebook under the Stockholm region, delving into the functionalities of SageMaker. It was an exciting hands-on experience, allowing me to experiment with different ML algorithms, datasets, and model training techniques. The user-friendly interface and comprehensive documentation provided by AWS made the learning process enjoyable and accessible.

However, a few days later, I received an unexpected email notification regarding my budget. Apparently, my expenses had exceeded the allocated budget for my AWS account. Concerned about the situation, I immediately contacted AWS support via email to seek assistance and clarification.

To my relief, the AWS support team responded promptly, addressing my concerns in a helpful and professional manner. They thoroughly analyzed my account and explained the reason behind the budget discrepancy. It turned out that the expenses were a result of my activities in the Stockholm region, which incurred additional costs compared to the free tier.


My interaction with AWS support transformed my experience from that of a dissatisfied customer to a delighted one. Their swift response and willingness to assist were commendable. Not only did they explain the situation, but they also took the initiative to credit $5 to my account, compensating for the unexpected expenses.

However, due to the nature of the free tier offering, they couldn't extend or renew my expensed free tier hours for SageMaker. Although this limitation was disappointing, I appreciated their transparency and explanation.

Overall, my participation in the AWS Community Day and subsequent engagement with AWS support showcased the dedication and commitment of the AWS team in providing excellent customer service. The event and the hands-on experience with SageMaker deepened my understanding of AWS services and their potential applications in the field of AI and ML.

I look forward to further exploring AWS and its offerings, leveraging the knowledge gained from this event and embracing the endless possibilities that AWS brings to the world of cloud computing and beyond.

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